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The Perks of Being a Group Fitness Instructor

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

On top of getting paid to work out and help others, did you know that there are many other perks to becoming a group fitness instructor? Check it out!

1. Active Wear Discounts

Lord knows we fitness instructors LOVE our active wear! And there’s no need to pay full price for the clothes and shoes you buy for teaching your classes. Here are a few companies that I love, who offer discounts on their active wear:

Lululemon: 25% off (when you apply to be a part of their Sweat Collective program)

Prana: 40-50% off (when you apply for their prAna Influencer program)

Athleta: 30% off (in-store only, when you sign up for their FitPro team)

Hylete: 40% off (when you sign up for their Trainer Program or go through NASM or AFAA)

Lorna Jane: 25% off (full-priced merchandise only, when you join their Active Elite program)

Kira Grace: 20% off (online only, when you join their Pro Program)

Reebok: 25% off (when you join the ReebokONE Team)

Manduka: 40% off (when you apply to be a part of their PROgram)

2. Music Downloads

As you know, keeping your music fresh is a MUST when group fitness instructing. Downloading song after song can really add up, so Yes! Fitness Music has your back. They offer a free playlist download when you are an AFAA-certified Group Fitness Instructor, plus they have a really cool app that lets you adjust tempo in real time. Score!

3. Vacation Discounts (yes, really!)One of my absolute FAVORITE perks of being a group fitness instructor is being able to use your expertise to go on a teaching vacation. Companies like Fit Bodies, Inc. look for group fitness instructors to teach one or two daily classes at all-inclusive resorts for deeply discounted rates. And I mean deeeeeeeply discounted, guys. I recently taught at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta for one full week through Fit Bodies ...

Our beautiful view at our resort in Puerto Vallarta

... and brought my husband along for the ride (if we had up to two kids under the age of 12, we could have also brought them for free).

Me and my partner in crime, enjoying our time in PVR!

I taught one 1-hour yoga class each morning at 10am on the beach (talk about an amazing yoga studio, amirite?) and had the rest of my day free to enjoy my vacation. Guess how much it cost? $600. Total. For two adults. All-inclusive. For a week. To give you a side-by-side comparison, a trip to this resort for 2 adults for the same amount of time would cost around $3178. We had an amazing time, met some great people, and immediately started thinking about where we should go next.

Teaching in paradise!

4. Multi-Format Discounts

If you like teaching pre-choreographed content and have an affinity for a certain brand (i.e. Zumba, Les Mills, Beachbody, etc.), many offer multi-format discounts.

For example, if you teach one of Beachbody’s formats, like TurboKick or PiYo, and get the new releases every other month through the Pro Team, it costs $29.95 per month. But if you teach Beachbody’s TurboKick AND PiYo, instead of costing $59.90 per month ($29.95 for each format), it costs $49.90 ($29.95 for the first format, and $19.95 for the second format). Adding in a third format would only cost another $9.95 per month. These companies reward brand-loyalty, and you can reap the benefits!

Do you know of any other perks for fitness instructors? Let me know in the comments!

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